Online wave calculator demo

If you are reading this in a web browser then a demo should be shown below. Please note that the Python to Javascript transpilers are corrently not advanced enough to convert the Raschii Python code to a format runable on the web, so what you are seeing is a port of Raschii to the web-friendly Dart language.

The web ecosystem is currently missing powerful libraries like NumPy, so parts of the necessary linear algebra routines had to be re-implemented in Dart. For this reason the online calculator may not give exactly the same results as the Python version. The Python version is continuously tested with unit tests and every change is compared against known solutions, so that is the most trusted version should there be any discrepancies.

Javascript (dart2js) code is not loaded! This calculator will not work!

Javascript (dart2js) code is not loaded! This calculator will not work!

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Hint: click the plot of the generated wave to see the particle velocities! The Airy and Stokes wave models are fast, the Fenton stream function wave model may take some time to generate a wave. When the wave is generated it is very fast to compute particle velocities for all the implemented wave models.

This web visualization was made after being inspired by the original online wave calculators from the 1990s by Robert A. Dalrymple, specifically the Dean stream function wave theory calculator. Unfortunately Dalrymple’s calculators are based on Java applet technology which does not work well in modern web browsers (though, the JAR files can be downloaded and run locally by a sufficiently technologically proficient user).